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Gretchen Huffman

Hello all! Sorry for the lag in blogging, after Kristen’s amazing wedding last week we are all finally settling back down into the normal routine of things again!

Gretchen Huffman is a printmaker whose work reflects on the idea of stories, imagination and interpretation.

“I love stories, I am continuously fascinated with the strange and humorous occurrences that happen in my everyday life. Stories grow out of these events and, far from being a didactic re-telling of the factual events, good stories are “delivered” replete with embellishment, nuance and theatricality that serve to communicate the emotional states that accompany the story. Awe, curiosity, disgust, disbelief and especially humor are the emotional reactions that tell me a story is a good one. As an artist of course my interest is in the visual detail contained in these narratives. As I recount events in my head they exists in acute detail with all the vivid splendor of that detail. My work spins out of that narrative detail, not to illustrate a verbal story, but to visually portray my exaggerated imagination and interpretation of events.”

-Gretchen Huffman

(The artist featured today is actually having a show opening Nov.6th at our gallery in Lincoln Square, so if you like her work you should definitely come check it out in person too!)



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Ana Lopez

Lopez is a graphic designer and illustrator from Colombia. Her style is playful yet mature, in both style and subject matter. Although many of her works could be viewed as children’s illustrations from a distance, a closer look shows the subtle juxtaposition of soft and hard that give an unexpected—adult—humor to her works.

Ana’s illustrations were featured in a book called The Garden of Eye Candy from Gingko Press, a book that “introduces us to immaculate illustrations that enshroud the viewer’s perception and give flight to the imagination with each adventure and every character presented.” The book is available for purchase through the Gingko Press website.

To see more of her work visit her website:








Arturo Mosquera, or ▲*, is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Vigo, Spain. His illustrative works are mostly of young women, dark and mysterious. See his flickr or website for more.






Five Etsy Artists on Anthropomorphism






Sarah Ogren


Berkley Illustration


Skelatal Dropkick

Twelve Fingers

Today we have a guest blogger, Bill Tucker, writing about artist Twelve Fingers:

Twelve Fingers, aka Nathan Enkel, creates a world of monsters and people in everyday situations as well as visually descriptive worlds and bodies based on his current interests and feelings. The Toronto native is a student at OCAD and is continually developing this new world and works hard to share it. From pieces depicting heads vomiting clouds dashed with beautiful tones of water color, to paintings of monsters in full color spray painted glory. His characters are connected by a familiar bolt of lightening that floats above the monsters or humans heads.

Twelve Fingers

Twelve Fingers

Twelve Fingers

Twelve Fingers

Twelve Fingers

Check out his website, to meet these new and interesting creatures. I’m putting Twelve Fingers on your team

Paul Kriley

Painter, screen printer, and ceramicist Paul Kriley relies on automatic drawing to create his hallucinant imagery. The exaggeration of features on his subjects seems to be heavily influenced by caricature art. Kriley has a BFA in studio art from the University of Oklahoma.

His works will be shown at the Evanston Atelier Main Street Gallery beginning Friday, July 24, 2009 at 7:00pm (opening reception) and ending Friday, July 31, 2009 at 10:30pm.

You can see more of Paul’s work at

Paul Kriley

Paul Kriley

Paul Kriley

Paul Kriley

Troy Lovegates

Troy Lovegates’ graffiti is far more sophisticated than most of the tags you’ll see scrawled over the Chicago landscape. His detailed characters appear on freight trains and brick walls far from his native Canada and evoke a sense of beauty, joy, and wonderment.

Troy Lovegates

Troy Lovegates

Troy Lovegates

Troy Lovegates

An extensive collection of his works were recently shown at the Needles & Pens gallery in San Francisco. To see more of his works visit his flickr page:

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