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Five Etsy Artists on Anthropomorphism






Sarah Ogren


Berkley Illustration


Skelatal Dropkick


Allen Company Inc.

I believe that putting together a great collection of vintage clothing takes an artistic eye, even more so to be able to photograph it well. Kristina Franco of Allen Company Inc. does just that, and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a more perfect collection… anywhere.

See some of my favorites below, keep updated on her daily finds and musings on Flickr, and buy some of these items in her Etsy shop.

Allen Company Inc.

Allen Company Inc.

Allen Company Inc.

Allen Company Inc.

Rural Pearl Papercuts

I am fascinated by papercuts. I have 2 gorgeous, very detailed, vintage papercuts of peacocks hanging in my livingroom and I have often wondered how it is that someone spent so much time cutting out every detailed piece.

These papercuts by Angie Pickman of Rural Pearl are silhouette style, but far from simple. She has a few of buildings, one of a train, but I find her nature inspired cuts to be especially beautiful.

Rural Pearl

Rural Pearl

Rural Pearl

Rural Pearl

See her blog for updates on new art (including photographs!) or buy a print of one of her papercuts from her Etsy store.

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