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DIY Fabric Envelopes + Artist Interviews

I’m tired and have a million projects going on, so I’m going to take the easy way out on posting today and tell you to check out the DIY Project from yesterday’s Design*Sponge: Fabric Envelopes!

These were developed by Derek and Lauren of San Francisco’s Curiosity Shop (Wow, two San Francisco posts in a row! What a great city!)

Fabric Envelope

ALSO: Check out the new section on our website: Artist Interviews! First up is Berlin-based artist Kyle Bryant.

Kyle Bryant


Troy Lovegates

Troy Lovegates’ graffiti is far more sophisticated than most of the tags you’ll see scrawled over the Chicago landscape. His detailed characters appear on freight trains and brick walls far from his native Canada and evoke a sense of beauty, joy, and wonderment.

Troy Lovegates

Troy Lovegates

Troy Lovegates

Troy Lovegates

An extensive collection of his works were recently shown at the Needles & Pens gallery in San Francisco. To see more of his works visit his flickr page:

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