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Georgia Russell

Sorry we’ve been so absent from posting lately! I (Kristen) am getting married this Saturday and its been keeping all of us pretty busy. For the exciting things that are happening over at {fill in the blank} check out our website:

For my wedding I’ve been making dozens of what I like to call book lanterns. The idea was taken from the resale shop Haystack, and we later found out they adopted it from Anthropologie, which always has FANTASTIC recycled paper art on display. They’re really easy to make, just take an old book and remove the cover. Start folding each individual page in whatever pattern you would like. It works best if you fold into the spine. As you fold the spine will start to curl around and by the time you get to the end you’ll have a fantastic sculpture!

Anthropologie Book Lanters

Because I’ve spent so much time on these I’m totally crazy about recycled book art right now. I did a search and found a fantastic artist from Scotland named Georgia Russell. She “slashes, cuts, and dissects printed matter, which she then manipulates and re-constructs into extravagant, ornamental, sculptural paper-works” according to England & Co, a gallery in London that represents both emerging and established artists. “The decorative qualities and inherent potential of her found ephemera are fully exploited as she transforms books, music scores, prints, newspapers, maps or photographs – sometimes with flamboyants colour and wild cutting, or with discreet play on the subject or title of her printed matter. Her works over between object and image.”

photo credit England & Co.

photo credit England & Co.

photo credit England & Co.

photo credit England & Co.

photo credit England & Co.

photo credit England & Co.


Kelly McGovern

Artist Kelly McGovern is a talented sculptor currently working towards her BFA at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, PA. She is majoring in 3-D Fine Arts and I am happy to have stumbled upon her work! While she holds a variety of skills under her belt, from jewelry smithing to installation, I was most intrigued by her paper sculptures, shown below. You can find more information about Kelly on her Artslant page. She just exhibited at DC’s Artomatic and is definitely someone I’d recommend keeping an eye on!





Elizabeth Gerdeman

Elizabeth Gerdeman is an Ohio based artist whose works linger in the balance between how something can be simultaneously monumental and impermanent. From her intricate landscapes, cut and assembled from paint chips, to her plaster and watercolor prints, her pieces continually fluctuate between representing something on a microcosmic and macrocosmic scale. One can’t help but want to slow down and take the time to study what unfolds in her works upon viewing them!

View more of her amazing work at her website,

Rural Pearl Papercuts

I am fascinated by papercuts. I have 2 gorgeous, very detailed, vintage papercuts of peacocks hanging in my livingroom and I have often wondered how it is that someone spent so much time cutting out every detailed piece.

These papercuts by Angie Pickman of Rural Pearl are silhouette style, but far from simple. She has a few of buildings, one of a train, but I find her nature inspired cuts to be especially beautiful.

Rural Pearl

Rural Pearl

Rural Pearl

Rural Pearl

See her blog for updates on new art (including photographs!) or buy a print of one of her papercuts from her Etsy store.

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