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Joshua Hershman

I ran across this  today while looking up some other glass artists and was totally blown away by Josh Hershman’s work! Hershman creates cast glass replicas of many types of cameras and embeds photographic images in some of them by sandblasting the images onto the object and then applying enamels into the recessed areas. He then adds more layers of glass and then refires the entire form. The cast cameras are then perched atop tripods and in some instances the image that is in the camera has been printed and hung on the wall behind the piece.

Jersey Glass Art has a great write up of his work and I think they say it best:

“By taking photographs and joining them together with glass, he is able to link two diverse vocabularies into a unique sculptural vernacular. As these ideas and images connect, the natural play of light and optics inherently found in glass imitates the actual process of taking pictures and exposing negatives. Using the camera as a starting point for his creative process, he attempts to emphasize the beauty of its design and function by focusing on how images shape our memories, dreams and consciousness.”

As a glass worker myself who is interested in the interplay of using glass and photography together I think this is an amazing execution on the marriage of the two ideas. He is currently showing at PISMO Gallery in Denver Colorado and the images shown below are from his current show, Day Residue.  It runs from November 6-25th 2009 and I encourage you to check it out if your in the Denver area!

More of Hershman’s work and experience can be found on his website,






The Embroidery Work of Takashi Iwasaki

Takashi Iwasaki is a Winnipeg based artist that works in many mediums including painting, drawing, printmaking, collage and embroidery. He also creates abstract works of art that he refers to as “abbies.” I am personally very drawn to his embroidery works and his use of color and pattern.

He also runs the Semai Gallery in Winniepeg.




I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do. To see the rest of Takashi Iwasaki’s work and for more information about Semai Gallery you can go to

Danny Mansmith

I first discovered Danny Mansmith on my way to eat breakfast at a little restaurant in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago. On Damen Avenue there are all these great little shops that are half underground, the front windows peeking above the street. One of these windows is elaborately decorated in all kinds of sewn items: clothing, neck pieces, decorative sewn shapes. They all have a very distinctive style: lots of random fabrics, quilting, sewn details, buttons, asymmetrical details, large statement pieces. There is an elegance to the randomness and you can tell that Danny really knows how to use fabric and shape, and also that he has a wild imagination.

You can see all of his work on his website, including his marker drawings, sculpture, and papercuts.

*UPDATE* Danny just informed me that he is soon moving from his space on Damen and will continue to create from home, so stop by to see his place while you can!

Danny Mansmith

Danny Mansmith

Danny Mansmith

Danny Mansmith

Danny Mansmith

Kelly McGovern

Artist Kelly McGovern is a talented sculptor currently working towards her BFA at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, PA. She is majoring in 3-D Fine Arts and I am happy to have stumbled upon her work! While she holds a variety of skills under her belt, from jewelry smithing to installation, I was most intrigued by her paper sculptures, shown below. You can find more information about Kelly on her Artslant page. She just exhibited at DC’s Artomatic and is definitely someone I’d recommend keeping an eye on!





Twelve Fingers

Today we have a guest blogger, Bill Tucker, writing about artist Twelve Fingers:

Twelve Fingers, aka Nathan Enkel, creates a world of monsters and people in everyday situations as well as visually descriptive worlds and bodies based on his current interests and feelings. The Toronto native is a student at OCAD and is continually developing this new world and works hard to share it. From pieces depicting heads vomiting clouds dashed with beautiful tones of water color, to paintings of monsters in full color spray painted glory. His characters are connected by a familiar bolt of lightening that floats above the monsters or humans heads.

Twelve Fingers

Twelve Fingers

Twelve Fingers

Twelve Fingers

Twelve Fingers

Check out his website, to meet these new and interesting creatures. I’m putting Twelve Fingers on your team

Uppercase Magazine

Uppercase is a gallery and publishing company in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They are dedicated to “making, curating, and publishing visual art.”

In addition to great exhibitions like Jen11—an exhibition of 11 artists named Jennifer—they have also begun publishing a quarterly magazine that is all about “learning from other artists, illustrators, designers, photographers, filmmakers and musicians, whether they’re upstarts or icons, famous or shy, verbal or visual.”

Uppercase Magazine

Uppercase Magazine

Unfortunately the first issue is sold out, and there are only about 10 of the second left so hurry and get one! You can also subscribe to the magazine on their website.

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