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Joshua Hershman

I ran across this  today while looking up some other glass artists and was totally blown away by Josh Hershman’s work! Hershman creates cast glass replicas of many types of cameras and embeds photographic images in some of them by sandblasting the images onto the object and then applying enamels into the recessed areas. He then adds more layers of glass and then refires the entire form. The cast cameras are then perched atop tripods and in some instances the image that is in the camera has been printed and hung on the wall behind the piece.

Jersey Glass Art has a great write up of his work and I think they say it best:

“By taking photographs and joining them together with glass, he is able to link two diverse vocabularies into a unique sculptural vernacular. As these ideas and images connect, the natural play of light and optics inherently found in glass imitates the actual process of taking pictures and exposing negatives. Using the camera as a starting point for his creative process, he attempts to emphasize the beauty of its design and function by focusing on how images shape our memories, dreams and consciousness.”

As a glass worker myself who is interested in the interplay of using glass and photography together I think this is an amazing execution on the marriage of the two ideas. He is currently showing at PISMO Gallery in Denver Colorado and the images shown below are from his current show, Day Residue.  It runs from November 6-25th 2009 and I encourage you to check it out if your in the Denver area!

More of Hershman’s work and experience can be found on his website,






Gretchen Huffman

Hello all! Sorry for the lag in blogging, after Kristen’s amazing wedding last week we are all finally settling back down into the normal routine of things again!

Gretchen Huffman is a printmaker whose work reflects on the idea of stories, imagination and interpretation.

“I love stories, I am continuously fascinated with the strange and humorous occurrences that happen in my everyday life. Stories grow out of these events and, far from being a didactic re-telling of the factual events, good stories are “delivered” replete with embellishment, nuance and theatricality that serve to communicate the emotional states that accompany the story. Awe, curiosity, disgust, disbelief and especially humor are the emotional reactions that tell me a story is a good one. As an artist of course my interest is in the visual detail contained in these narratives. As I recount events in my head they exists in acute detail with all the vivid splendor of that detail. My work spins out of that narrative detail, not to illustrate a verbal story, but to visually portray my exaggerated imagination and interpretation of events.”

-Gretchen Huffman

(The artist featured today is actually having a show opening Nov.6th at our gallery in Lincoln Square, so if you like her work you should definitely come check it out in person too!)



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Nick Morley

Nick Morley is an artist and illustrator working in London whose wryly humorous take on the human condition manifests itself through drawings, prints, books and interactive works.

The major themes running through Nick’s personal work are masculinity, heroism, human achievement and man’s efforts to leave his mark on the world. The subjects usually found in these themes include hunters, wrestlers and bearded men. Shown below are some of his artists books. Including his new book Man and Beast, featuring drawings of men and animals. As well as Man Book, a book of drawings of hunters, wrestlers and men with enormous cabbages!

You can find out more about Nick’s artwork on his website or purchase his books, prints and inspirational buttons through his Etsy shop.






Tara Donovan

Okay, so Tara Donovan is not exactly an emerging artist… In fact she is quite established, but her work is amazing. And having recently revisited some of her sculptures I decided to share her anyway for those of you who may not know about her. I first found out about Donovan in Sculpture Magazine {the Dec. 05 issue}. Sculpture is a great publication put out by the International Sculpture Center, and if you become a member you get discounts on their periodicals, tools, supplies and services {which can include foundries, sculpting tool suppliers and more!}

So as an excited undergrad I first found her work in this magazine and was totally entranced by how stunning it was. {I’m sure you’ll agree…} Donovan uses everyday manufactured materials in her work like drinking straws, styrofoam cups and scotch tape, to create her large scale biomorphic sculptures.

She is represented by Pace Wildenstein, New York and by Stephen Friedman Gallery, London. Donovan is the recipient of the first Calder prize in 2005 and was a MacArthur Fellow in 2008.








Kelly McGovern

Artist Kelly McGovern is a talented sculptor currently working towards her BFA at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, PA. She is majoring in 3-D Fine Arts and I am happy to have stumbled upon her work! While she holds a variety of skills under her belt, from jewelry smithing to installation, I was most intrigued by her paper sculptures, shown below. You can find more information about Kelly on her Artslant page. She just exhibited at DC’s Artomatic and is definitely someone I’d recommend keeping an eye on!





Elizabeth Gerdeman

Elizabeth Gerdeman is an Ohio based artist whose works linger in the balance between how something can be simultaneously monumental and impermanent. From her intricate landscapes, cut and assembled from paint chips, to her plaster and watercolor prints, her pieces continually fluctuate between representing something on a microcosmic and macrocosmic scale. One can’t help but want to slow down and take the time to study what unfolds in her works upon viewing them!

View more of her amazing work at her website,

Seagull Bags, custom handmade messenger bags

I am totally blown away by this company! If you are looking for an amazingly constructed, custom designed, high quality messenger bag then look no further. It is obvious that here at Seagull Bags they take the utmost care to create a product that transcends beyond it’s function into a piece of amazing art.

Seagull Bags

Seagull Bags started as a one-man operation run by Daniel McKewen. Working out of his small basement in Columbus, OH, McKewen spent hours refining his designs and construction plans, making numerous models for friends and family, all the while continually working towards the perfect bag. Seagull boasts it’s one of a kind cam buckle strap system, a variety of bag styles and designs as well as amazing craftsmanship.

Looking to change the way that people think about messenger style bags is one of their goals and all that hard work has paid off! Still located in Columbus, Seagull Bags now has it’s own storefront/workspace and website where you can shop their premade inventory {all ready to ship}, or work with them to have your custom design made.

Here is just a small sampling of their huge repertoire of bags, but be sure to look at their gallery for more incredible designs.

Seagull Bags 2

Seagull Bags 3

Seagull Bags 4

Seagull Bags 5Seagull Bags 6

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