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Our Blog Has Moved

Hello friends! We have created a new website and moved our emerging art blog over there We hope you will continue to visit us and comment on your favorite artists! We have also included a lot of other fun stuff so make sure to look around the whole website.


Gretchen Huffman

Hello all! Sorry for the lag in blogging, after Kristen’s amazing wedding last week we are all finally settling back down into the normal routine of things again!

Gretchen Huffman is a printmaker whose work reflects on the idea of stories, imagination and interpretation.

“I love stories, I am continuously fascinated with the strange and humorous occurrences that happen in my everyday life. Stories grow out of these events and, far from being a didactic re-telling of the factual events, good stories are “delivered” replete with embellishment, nuance and theatricality that serve to communicate the emotional states that accompany the story. Awe, curiosity, disgust, disbelief and especially humor are the emotional reactions that tell me a story is a good one. As an artist of course my interest is in the visual detail contained in these narratives. As I recount events in my head they exists in acute detail with all the vivid splendor of that detail. My work spins out of that narrative detail, not to illustrate a verbal story, but to visually portray my exaggerated imagination and interpretation of events.”

-Gretchen Huffman

(The artist featured today is actually having a show opening Nov.6th at our gallery in Lincoln Square, so if you like her work you should definitely come check it out in person too!)



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New Artist Interview :: Mara Baker


“In my Installations I purposefully choose to use fragile materials and form tenuous relationships between them. These relationships often have the outcome of perceived failure. The water can’t fight the twenty feet of gravity; the tubing system can’t sustain the pressure and leaks, or the sponges are unable to absorb enough moisture. Yet in this failure, I am forced to accept the ambiguity of an unknown outcome and revel in the complexity which foretells this assured failure.”

-Mara Baker

Read the Interview >>>

Ann Wood + Small Shoulders event at FIB

We have exciting things happening at {fill in the blank} Gallery right now, one of which is a free monthly community arts event that we’ve been working on called Small Shoulders. The idea is to bring the community together to experience art as a whole, using supplies that are very basic (the last one was prints made from fruits and vegetables) and easily accessible to create intricate and beautiful results.

Our next project is called Cardboard Stampede and is a project developed by Brooklyn-based artist Ann Wood. She has even been gracious enough to donate supplies for this project and we are so excited to be partnering with her on this! Please see more information about the event here.

Cardboard Stampede

We wanted to highlight some of her other work today. Her bio on her blog explains her work best:

“I work with mostly found, and salvaged materials, many of them vintage or antique garments. There is a kind of affection and tenderness in the re-use and re-purposing of things that were once personal and perhaps treasured possessions. Much of my inspiration comes from these materials as well as from many of the ideas I have been infatuated with my whole life : smallness, intricacies, miniaturization, collections, repetition; lost or abandoned things discovered and rescued; the idea of haunted and enchanted places, things and creatures; the setting of a tiny stage.”

You can see more of her work on her website: Enjoy!

Ann Wood

Ann Wood

Ann Wood

Ann Wood

A Similar Sound opens tonight!

Please see all about our little opening tonight here:

Then, if you read Spanish (and even if you don’t!) see our writeup on the Neo2 Blog, a magazine from Spain, here.

Neo2 Magazine

A Similar Sound: the Art of the Rock Poster

Thanks to the Chicago Reader for writing about this exhibition, but unfortunately a few of the details were wrong so we just want to clarify:

This is not our main website, but our blog, please see our website and details about the show here:

Also, our hours during the week are 4-8pm and not 3-8.

If you have any questions please email

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