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Girl With a Hook Sculptural Crochet

Heather Lightbody (Girl With a Hook) is completely and totally obsessed with yarn. She loves all the textures and colors…sometimes she finds herself thinking about yarn all day long. She is also obsessed with handspun yarn. All of her creations are made with handspun yarn, much of which she spins herself.

Heather has been crocheting hats for 7 years now.  She also crochets headbands, shrugs and scarves. “It’s become my life and my art. My ideas start as one thing and always seem to morph into something else by the time the end is near. That’s just how i work…the yarn and my mood show me where the hat should go,” she says.

To check out more of her amazing creations, you can go to her etsy page or to see even more examples of her work check out her flickr.







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